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/ 2013 /

Kiko & Thomas

Kiko&Thomas organize partys, events, birthdays, everything.. and I just organised the programing code! All the visual of this beautiful piece as also the respective branding strategy was designed by my friend and also an amazing professional André Santos. This one was an simple work but really functional. They wiped out the competition!

/ 2013 /

Midnight House

This one was fun! I worked again with the designer Tae from Royal Studio (what a great color palett he chose), and this time we had no orders or guides, so was born the Midnight House MicroSite!

/ 2013 /

Accommodatin In Porto v1

AccommodatinInPorto is an Accommodation business with a lot of beautiful and amazing flats. In this case I had to design and develop in 2 days, so I follow a simplistic layout and tried to do the best responsive in time and also I took the opportunity to try some interaction methods.

/ 2013 /

Wagner Reloaded

In this one I have worked with my friend and designer João castro, Royal Studio and the photographer Mccopper Studios. Has been a interesting crazy project we worked with top quality photography that has resulted in a heavyweight site.

/ 2013 /

Wagner Store

Another Store, but this time with the designer Tae from Royal Studio and we where challenged to create a web-site to run in the most old browsers, so it was fun because we dont used Scripts or CSS3.

/ 2013 /


This creation was shared with the great designer and friend Joana Martins, after her presentation of the colorful branding we tried to apply the same feeling to all website.

/ 2012 /

Casa Da Avó

In this project, client wanted me to do an simple web-site where visitors just could see the products and after send an email with his order. My solution was create something like an true store but in the end of process it just email admin with user information and his order.

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